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Sports Betting Bonuses: Bet With More to Win More Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. However, for some people, sports betting has become much more than just a form of entertainment as they have become sports betting professionals who earn their living by placing bets on different sports events. Over the years, sportsbooks have tried to come with effective solutions about how to attract new people who would join their sportsbooks while at the same time maintaining their existing customers. In the end, they came up with bonuses that provided bettor with different benefits for

How to Beat the Bookies: Discover the Best Strategy for Beating the Bookies Currently, sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the entire world. However, in the last couple of years, sports betting has been seen more as a form of entertainment than as a form of gambling. That might actually be the reason why it has become so popular in all parts of the world. Millions of people all over the world place bets worth several billion dollars every day and it is no wonder that sports betting industry has become one of the

How to Be a Professional Gambler: Your Guide to Success For many, the world of professional gambler looks like a very interesting profession full of entertainment and possibilities of earning a lot of money. However, things might not look like what they seem and just like it is the case with any other issue, once you start digging deeper, you uncover things that many rarely believed could be there. The life of professional gambler is not a glamorous life majority of thetime and once you see how much it takes to become a professional gambler you will see that professional

Gambling Bonuses: Find the Right Bonus for You One of the biggest benefits of gambling online is the fact that online gambling sites provide different types of gambling bonuses that players can use in order to get many benefits and bigger opportunities for them to win bigger sums of money. These gambling bonuses provide players with bigger added value than any other form of traditional gambling and they help a lot with adding additional funds to the players’ account. Gambling bonuses have become great marketing methods for online gambling sites Gambling bonuses give players incentive to continue to gamble with

8 Gamblers That Got Hit by a Big Tax The Internet has made way for gambling to form the online gambling society. In addition, various improvements in technology have changed gambling habits just as scratch cards, keno, and video lottery terminals changed the gambling industry entirely back in the early 20th century. Therefore, gambling has become one of the most lucrative businesses present. Therefore, there is no wonder why more and more people decide to try their luck and skills on electronic gaming machines, instant scratch cards, keno and of course, lotteries. Trends that greatly contribute to rapid growth in

Betting Terms: Understand the Basic Betting Concepts Sports betting has become a very popular form of entertainment all over the world. Currently, some experts believe that the entire sports betting industry is worth several hundred billions of dollars and there are no signs that the growth of this industry might be slowing down anytime in the future. Besides that, more and more people around the world are taking on this form of entertainment and for every beginner, it is very important to know and understand all the terminology from this industry in order to have the full experience. Understanding terminology

iPad Betting: Building on the popular iPhone Betting Platform Sports betting has become one of the biggest gambling industries in the world. Currently, many believe that the entire betting industry is worthbillions of dollars. However, sports betting industry was not always that powerful as the biggest expansion of this industry came with the launch of the Internet. Online betting became popular very quickly as it enabled bettors to bet on different sporting events while watching the games and without leaving their homes. However, sports betting will go through another revolution with the launch of the first smartphones back in 2007

Betting on Underdogs: Finding the Best Betting Value Betting has been very popular among sports fans for a long time. Over the years, many bettors have tried to find the best possible strategy for betting and for winning big sums of money. In that process, many bettors have tried with the strategy that involved betting on underdogs. For many, betting on underdogs is a very risky strategy and it seems that for many betters, this strategy is not successful. However, there are people who have been very successful using this strategy which gives this strategy footing as a successful. One

Best Gambling Documentaries of All Time The gambling industry has been growing significantly in the last decade. Many experts believe that gambling industry is currently one of the biggest industries in the world that is currently worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Only in 2016, the total gross win of thecasino from all over the world only from the gamblers was more than 450 billion dollars. Interestingly, currently, the biggest gambling center in the world is Macau who has taken over the title from Las Vegas back in 2006. Only in 2014, the gross gambling revenue of the country in

Betting Apps – Have you Found the Best One Yet? Online betting has been on the rise in the last four or five years, but online betting has been especially on the rise since the introduction of mobile betting apps. These apps have brought bettors much closer to the betting industry as they were able to place their bets at any given time and from any given place. For a long time now, people have been using mobile devices for a lot of different things, and mobile betting apps have provided them with the opportunity to use these betting apps

Top 18 Casino Documentaries In the last fifteen years, the gambling industry has become one of the most powerful industries in the world. Gambling became a favorite leisure activity for so many people all over the world but no other place in the entire world can match the numbers in the gambling industry that Las Vegas is showing during that period. Over the years, governments have imposed different regulations on this industry that should have limited the power this industry has. However, gambling industry managed to overcome all the problems that were a result of those regulations. Gambling is illegal

Top 13 Poker Documentaries Poker has been one of the most popular gambling games for a long time. Over the years, it has become a game that can achieve the dreams of the players in a very short period of time. On the other hand, poker is also able to take away everything from the player in the same short period of time. The world of poker is full of stories of success but also the stories of failure that changed many lives. Besides that, the most successful poker players in the world have been some of the biggest stars

12 Best Documentaries About Betting   Sports betting has been developing in the world together with the development of sports. In many countries, it is almost impossible to imagine a certain sports event for which bookmakers have not determined the odds. Sports betting has become so present and powerful in some countries that those countries have decided to ban the betting altogether. Over the years, many stories about people losing all their belongings because they were not able to stop betting have gone mainstream and that was when common people finally realize the consequences and scope of sports betting. Sports

8 Best Virtual Sports to Bet Online   Online betting has transformed the betting industry around the world. Not only can you place bets on real sports events as they are taking place but you can also bet on virtual sports. What are virtual sports? How can you bet on them? What are the best virtual sports to bet online? The first thing you must be aware of when betting on virtual sports, such as football, is that they are not being controlled by gamers in the same way as esports games. Virtual sports may look like computer games but

35 Best Betting Markets to Bet on at Betting Sites   The world of gambling exploded thanks to the internet and there are now hundreds of different online bookmakers to choose from when betting on sports. From the established names like Bet365 and Ladbrokes to the vast array new up and coming betting sites, you are spoilt for choice. With increased competition comes the need to offer something different, something which will entice gamblers away from one betting site and no to another. This has lead betting sites to developing new and exciting betting markets. How many different betting markets

12 Most Famous Match Fixing Scandals That Have Been Exposed Sports and the match fixing have been going hand in hand for a long time. However, with the rise of betting syndicates all over the world, match fixing has become almost impossible to detect, prove, or ignore. Everybody knows that match fixing happens in almost all sports because match fixing has often been the only possible explanation for the certain result of the match. Betting syndicates have a huge role in match fixing It takes only one player in the team to fix a match Match fixing brings huge profit

The 4 Biggest Betting Syndicates in the History The world of sports betting is an exciting one, with fortunes made and lost in single matches, and stories of great success and failure making the news outlets on a regular basis. However, win or lose, the truth is that most sports bettors bet out of hobby and don’t see their bets as much more than random gambles. In fact, most people don’t even really care too much if the win or lose at sports betting as long as it makes watching the matches more exciting. Betting syndicates are among the rare

Top 10 Biggest Car Races In The World There’s no sight more thrilling in the world of sport than watching an aerodynamically designed race car whizz past you at speeds of more than 200 miles per hour ! Automobile technology has come a long way since the first racecars were developed in the early 20th century. The mean machines of today are high on horse power, and can reach speeds of up to 320 miles per hour at will. The thrill associated with car racing is also related to the dangers that come along with the sport. There have been

Top Gambling Countries In The World Gambling has been prevalent since as early as the 11th century, with many forms of gambling being invented ever since. Its almost human nature for humans to gamble on just about everything, with the thrill of winning incomparable to anything else. As we progress further down the 21st century, the world of Gambling is expanding at an unexpectedly high pace. With countries all over the world relaxing their gambling laws to take advantage of its huge popularity amongst the masses, new gambling-obsessed countries have overtaken the traditional heavyweights in the gambling charts. Have you

Biggest Sporting Events For Gambling In The World The Gambling phenomenon has well and truly become an obsession for millions of people across the world. With billions of dollars being lost due to gambling every year, many governments have started imposing stricter gambling laws. However, one glaring exception to those laws has been the prominent avenue of Sports betting, which is a multi trillion dollar industry now. Did you know that betting on horseracing is permitted even in Islamic cities like Dubai, despite gambling being considered as haram (forbidden) in Islam ? Did you know that sports gambling revenue in

Horse Racing is widely considered to be the biggest gambling portal all over the world, with multi millionaires in several countries taking a special liking to the sport. Some big horse races are gala events, extending over the weekend with many A-list celebrities from all walks of life in attendance. These events are crucial dates in the gambling calendar across the planet. Horse racing has such a charm amongst the rich and famous that an Islamic city like Dubai, hosts one of the biggest horse racing events of the year, despite gambling of any sort otherwise completely banned in Islam.

10 Best Casino Cities In Europe Europe has always been one of the most popular tourist spots in the world, with people from all across the planet preferring to spend their vacations in the many beautiful cities of the continent. The beautiful weather, combined with the rich cultural and historical value of these cities attracts millions of people every year. Wealthy nations with highly developed infrastructure while maintaining their historical beauty is a very tempting combination for tourists. Along with many nightlife options, these cities also offer some of the most beautiful and scenic casinos in the world, each with

The 10 Best Betting Markets for Winning on Live Betting Since the introduction of online betting in 1994, there has not been a more exciting addition, than live betting. Live betting has transformed the way millions of people bet online and brings gamblers to the heart of the action.  Placing a bet before a football match starts can add to the buzz of watching the game but nothing matches the thrill of being able to place a bet while the game is taking place. Everything is done in real time and it feels as though you are part of the

The Extreme Super List Of 42 Bonuses You Can Steal From Online Betting, Poker And Casino Sites Steal Totally Over €20,000 Money By Using This List If you are into sports betting, poker or casinos online, you should know by now that bonuses and promotions are essential. The gambling operators are in a fierce fight for customers and are giving away tons of money. It would be criminal not to take an advantage. Especially if you’re just starting, the best way to build a betting or casino bankroll would be to collect as many bonuses as possible. This way you

American Odds – Understand Easily How American Odds Work   American odds, as the name suggests, are commonly used in the United States of America and are sometimes referred to as US odds.  They are also known as ‘lines’ or ‘money line odds’.  Reading and understanding American odds can be very confusing, especially if you are based in mainland Europe or the United Kingdom.  In fact, they are often considered to be more confusing than fractional odds but thankfully, our simple guide below will allow you to understand American odds easily.   Positive or Negative The first thing to understand

Fractional Odds – Understand Easily How Fractional Odds Work Fractional odds are commonly used in the United Kingdom and Ireland and are sometimes referred to as traditional odds.  When you look at fractional odds for this first time, they may look confusing, especially as there are so many different numbers involved.  However, having read this guide, you will know exactly how fractional odds work, understand what they mean and be able to place your bets with increased confidence. Fractional odds show you how much you will receive back, for the amount you have bet.  The number on the left side

Top 8 Markets To Bet On For Becoming A Winner Making money from sports betting is not easy and very few people actually manage to achieve it. It requires a lot of dedication, experience and effort. The good news is that with the rise of the Internet, there are countless bookmakers online right now. As a result, the competition for players is fierce and the conditions from the customers’ point of view are better than ever. One of the consequences is the enormous amount of sporting events and betting markets available. You can literary bet on anything up to a

Top 7 Betting Sites For Livestreaming  

Decimal Odds – Understand Easily How Decimal Odds Work Decimal odds are commonly used in mainland Europe, Australia and Canada and are sometimes referred to as Continental or European odds.  On the face of it, decimal odds may look straight forward, as they are a single number, whereas fractional odds are always comprised of two numbers.  This is actually true and is probably why all the major bookmakers now allow customers to choose if they would like to use decimal odds. Decimal odds show you how much you could win, for the amount you have bet.  In comparison to fractional

Gambling is now a multi-billion dollar industry globally, with The Economist placing the official figure of the legal gambling industry at $335 billion, in a 2010 study. However, the illegal gambling industry is believed to be worth even more than the legal gambling circuit. Are you a gambler who loves to travel? Do you often bet on the go via betting platforms or on portable devices? Do you place bets while you are abroad? If you answer yes on any of these questions, you should read this articel… While many countries have legalized gambling or relaxed the laws related to

Betting Tips Basketball Basketball has developed into one of the world’s most popular sports, especially in terms of viewing figures and the amount of money which is gambled on the sport. Basketball has come a long way from the very early days, when the ball had to be manually collected from the net, after every time the ball entered the basket.  In the early 1900’s, these were replaced by hoops, which had a backboard and the ball would pass through the net.  College basketball quickly spread through the United States and Canada and in the 1920’s, the professional game was

Betting Tips American Football American football is one of the most popular sports in North America and is gathering more of a following in Europe every passing year.  The game evolved from Association Football or soccer, as it is known in America, and rugby.  It’s believed the first American football match was played in 1869, between two college teams and college football is still very big in the USA today. It wasn’t until 1892, when professional American football came into being, as William “Pudge” Heffelfinger was paid to play in a match.  Some 30 years later, the National Football League

Never Lose Out Due to Last Minute Goals Again Thanks to Unibet The Premier League, La Liga and Champions League are three of the most popular football competitions in the world.  They are the home to European football’s top clubs, such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Manchester City. Bayern Munich and Juventus.  Not only that but the world’s best footballers ply their trade in these competitions, adding to the excitement. Therefore, it’s little surprise they are of such huge interest to those who enjoy betting on football.  Whether you like to bet on Barcelona vs Real Madrid to finish 1-1,

Betting Tips Golf Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, in terms of fans watching the tournaments and the number of people who like to place bets.  There is some debate as to the origins of golf, with both the Netherlands and Scotland staking a claim has being the first to have played the game.  This is dating back to the 1200’s however and the sport has come a long way since then, with America leading the way, with their PGA Tour. The PGA Tour is the organising body of the professional golf tournaments played in

BetFred Rewards for Those Who Enjoy the Goalscorer Markets Betting on football is now something which every punter can enjoy, any time of the day, thanks to online bookmakers.  Whether it be the Champions League, English Premier League or Indian Mizoram Premier League, you are guaranteed to find markets and odds for matches. One of the most popular markets, especially for the top European leagues and tournaments, is the first goalscorer market.  With the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski and Sergio Aguero playing every week, there is always plenty of action and great odds to back on

Guaranteed Profits from Arbitrage Betting Learning how to make a guaranteed profit from sports betting is the holy grail of every gambler. There are many systems out there that can give regular positive long term yields, but there is one tried and trusted system that, if used correctly, can produce a profit on every bet. Welcome to the mysterious world of arbitrage betting. What is Arbitrage betting? Arbitrage betting is a technique that has been used for many years by professional financial traders around the world. The system involves betting on all outcomes of an event in a way that

Handicap & Asian Handicap betting explained If you sometimes get confused by the bewildering amount of betting terminology – don’t worry, you are not alone. With so many betting options available for punters of all levels, it can sometimes feel like the gambling world has a language of its own. With this in mind, it is important to remember to take things one step at a time and fully understand how different bets work before parting with your hard-earned cash. So let’s take a look at Handicap betting and why it is one of the most popular markets. What is

5 Common mistakes made by Gamblers If you have recently started gambling or if you have been gambling for a while with no success – it might be worth looking at some of the common mistakes made by unsuccessful punters. Here are 5 common pitfalls that the novice bettor should learn to avoid. 1# Don’t gamble for the sake of it Ok, this may sound obvious, but if you are not sure about a bet or cannot find a bet that tick all the right boxes – don’t bet at all! Remember, making no money is always better than losing

The differences between betting on Cup and League Football Many of the strategies that we apply to football betting can often be influenced by the type of game that we are betting on. Teams often take a completely different approach when playing Cup competitions to when they are playing a League match. So what should we be looking out for? If you decide to bet on a Cup game, there are many things to consider, so let’s start with the obvious. Fielding a weakened team This is a phrase that crops up on a regular basis and is now debated

Win money with Anytime Goal Scorers If you bet on a regular basis, it is natural to have particular markets that you favour. You may have had plenty of success with a certain type of bet or you may have developed an efficient way of researching certain statistics. The Anytime Goal Scorer (AGS) market is a favourite with many regular bettors so let’s take a look at the reasons why. Anytime Goal Scorer bets explained The principle of AGS betting is very simple – you place a bet on a player to score a goal at any point during the

How to spot Trends when Betting on Football When we watch football matches, we all have an opinion about who is going to win. Sometimes we are so confident, we even put money it. However, when it comes to betting it’s not all about which team will win or lose – in fact, there are many other ways of betting that don’t require you to predict the winner of the game. The only thing that matters is that you give yourself the best chance of winning your bet – but how? As football fans, our match predictions are often based

How to bet on Men’s Tennis Men’s tennis has grown into one of the most popular betting markets in recent years. With so many tournaments played throughout the year and a huge amount of statistics available, there are betting opportunities available on an almost daily basis. If you want to bet on men’s tennis, it makes sense to start with the basics, this means understanding the tournaments structure and the different types of events that are played. This article focuses solely on the men’s game simply because women’s tennis is a totally different prospect when it comes to betting. Women’s

Betting Opportunities in Lower League Football Are you fed up watching the cream of European football battle it out in the world’s grandest stadiums week in week out? No, thought not. However, just like football, betting is not just about the glamorous leagues and the richest players. For the smart gambler, there is a whole world of lower league football out there waiting to present some great betting opportunities. You may be thinking: why on earth would I want to bet on lower league football? And you would be asking a very valid question, but you do not have to

Things You Should Know When Betting On Spanish Football If you like betting on the English Premier League, the chances are you may have been tempted to have a gamble on the other European leagues. The Spanish league has obvious viewing appeal due the attractive nature of the football and the presence of the two best players in the world – but how easy is it to bet on Spanish football? Before you start putting all your money on Barcelona and Real Madrid, remember: whatever leagues you are betting on, make sure you do your homework. It’s not always about

Over or Under 2.5 Goals Betting Guide If you are not sure who will win a football match, why not bet on the total number of goals that will be scored? You don’t even need to be exact; you can just bet on whether there will be over or under a certain amount of goals scored in the game. Betting on the number of goals scored in a game is popular with regular gamblers for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you don’t have to predict who will win the match and secondly, it does not matter which team scores the

Goals Galore or Both Teams to Score (BTTS) – a Beginner’s Guide Betting on both teams to score in a football match has become very popular with punters of all abilities over the last few years. Many betting companies now offer coupons, special offers and incentives related to this market which is sometimes referred to a Goals Galore. Just like standard win, lose or draw bets, Goals galore predictions can be made on a single game or on two or more selections as part of a multi-bet coupon. The outcome of the bet is not certain until the final whistle

Premier League Corner Betting Guide To bet successfully on Premier League football you will always need to do a little research. Making the effort to study trends in different markets could make the difference between winning and losing. Once you spot a trend, you can then search for the best odds in that market and place your bets. Betting on the amount of corners in a game is one area where it can be easy to monitor trends. By looking at the historical corner data for each team, you can predict the total amount of corners that is likely to

Memorable Match fixing Moments in Football Match fixing in football is not a new phenomena. In fact, reports of players, managers, owners and referees attempting to engineer results for financial gain have blighted the game for well over 100 years. For those who make regular bets on football matches, match-fixing can occasionally be exploited: When word got out about unusual price movements on certain Italian Serie B match results in 2011, many punters took this as a sure sign of match fixing and were able to profit as result. However, for most serious punters, match fixing is totally unwelcome. It

How to play Unibet’s Superscore – A Beginner’s Guide Unibet have been active in the worldwide online betting and gaming market for over 17 years and offer a huge range of sports betting opportunities. Their sportsbook offers two coupon-based football betting options, one of which is called Superscore. Superscore is a fun and easy way to bet – even for a complete gambling novice. Here’s a quick guide to get you started. An introduction to Superscore The basic idea of Superscore is to predict the exact score of all the matches listed on the online coupon. You then decide how

Tips to Master English Championship League Betting The English Football League Championship, despite being the second tier of English football is arguably the most exciting. Featuring 24 teams, the league season is always very dramatic, at both the top and bottom of the table, with promotion and relegation issues to be settled. Three teams will get relegated and two teams will win automatic promotion but one of the most exciting aspects of the Championship season are the play-off’s, which are contested between the four teams that finish 3rd down to 6th. Ultimately, this gives a lot of teams something to

Live Premier League Betting – 5 Smart Tips to Win More Do you bet on the Premier League? Or would you like start? Before you part with your money, take a look at our 5 top tips to help you bet smarter and win more. Premier League football can be exhilarating to watch at the best of times but the excitement can be enhanced even further with a well placed bet. You can increase your chances of winning by following some very simple rules. So let’s start with the basics: 1. Don’t put all your money on one bet: It

Important Tips to Master Basketball Betting With a lot of basketball action played every year, whether it be in the US, Europe or Asia, there are a fantastic variety of betting options available for online punters. However, if you are new to betting on the sport of basketball, there are a few pointers to keep in mind before parting with your money.   Betting On Your Favourite Team It’s very easy to be caught in the trap of logging into your betting account, checking out the basketball markets, seeing your favourite team listed and then betting on them to win

Important Tips to Master Formula One Betting Formula one seems to divide people’s opinions, with many questioning whether it’s even a sport at all but one thing that can certainly be said about it is that there is plenty of money involved. Where ever a Formula One weekend takes place you can be sure to find excitement, glamour and plenty of betting opportunities with many online bookmakers offering different markets. However, there are many factors to take in to consideration if you want be able to master Formula One betting.   Research As with all sports, if you want to

Important Tips to Master Ice Hockey Betting Ice Hockey is a very popular sport in the northern hemisphere, with leagues in North America, as well as European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Czech Republic and Sweden. A fundamental difference between the the NHL and European ice hockey is that you can not bet on a tie if wagering on NHL markets but you can when placing bets on European ice hockey matches. With this in mind, lets have a look at some of the things to watch out for when betting on ice hockey in general.   Check The

Important Tips to Master Tennis Betting With the introduction of more and more online bookmakers offering tennis markets, the sport has really become a big player in the betting world. Offering a one-on-one situation, tennis is especially suited to betting and due to the nature of the game, with various point structures throughout, it creates numerous markets for punters to get involved with. There are many tennis tournaments being played throughout the year, including the major events and here are some tips to help guide you with your tennis betting.   Get Familiar The Rules Although this may seem like

Important Tips to Master Spanish La Liga Betting Spanish football is very popular throughout the world, with La Liga being shown live on television sets every week. With top clubs featuring some of the very best players in the world, La Liga offers excitement and goals, with individual players scoring in high numbers on a regular basis. With so many football fans watching La Liga every week, bookmakers have responded by offering extensive betting markets on their websites especially tailored for Spanish football. Here are some tips to help you master La Liga betting.   Spain Is A Big Country

Important Tips to Master the German Bundesliga The German Bundesliga has caught the imagination of football supporters around the globe with it’s quality football and also great fans, providing a fantastic atmosphere at stadiums around the country. Boasting one of the highest attendance averages of any league in the world, the Bundesliga is considered the format to follow for other leagues, including some of the top leagues in Europe. As the Bundesliga is so popular with fans, naturally they and many other people enjoy being able to bet on the league and this has led to an increase in betting

Important Tips to Master Italy Serie A Betting Serie A and betting are two words that when spoken together remind a lot of people about the troubling times in Italy, which led to Turin based giants Juventus being relegated to Serie B. Thankfully, those dark times seem to be behind Italian football and punters can be confident again when getting involved with the betting action. There are some great clubs playing in Serie A, all of whom are well known right across the globe and this makes for some exciting betting opportunities. Before starting, read the tips below, which will

Important Tips to Master Premier League Betting The English Premier League if often quoted as being the best in the world, with entertainment and goals being brought to the fans every week. This also makes it a very exciting place for punters, with almost every bookmaker website providing in depth betting markets. There are many top players from around the world participating in the Premier League and this has increased the popularity and viewing figures for games. In some ways the Premier League can be fairly easy to predict but in others it can be extremely difficult, leaving many punters

Important Tips to Master Football Betting Football betting is big business worldwide, there are so many matches being played all over globe that there always seems to be a match to bet on, somewhere. With so many betting websites and football markets to choose from, it can be a bit of minefield trying to master them all but there are some tips you can follow which will help you get the best out of your football betting experience.   Understand What You Are Betting On This may seem like an obvious statement, but you would be very surprised by the

Supertoto – How to Play Supertoto at Unibet Founded in 1997, Unibet provides an online platform for sports betting, casino, games and online poker to a worldwide audience of nearly 9 million people. Publicly listed on the Nordic Exchange in Stockholm, Unibet supply a strong sportsbook, with sports offered ranging from football to chess. Within Unibet’s sportsbook section, they offer two exclusive pool based games, one of which is called Supertoto. Supertoto Supertoto is an appealing pool based game, whereby you predict the correct outcome (win, lose or draw) of as many matches as possible on the pools coupon. Your