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Gambling Sites – 34 + Top 2017 – Are you really gambling with a serious operator?

Are you a gambling nerd dreaming of winning the big bucks at a gambling site?

If this is the case, you have to pick a serious gambling site that really pays out these winnings, if you happen to win. We have asked our excellent betting lab to test the gambling sites to the furthest extent. From quality, gambling bonuses, support to selection of games. They have obviously been hard working and dedicated in their search for the best jackpot games.

Well, you know, those who payout the winning in millions *100 and are only won by others.

Yes, you have found the best and biggest Swedish gambling guide for Poker, Casino, Bingo, Trotting and Betting. We list the biggest and most serious gambling sites that offer you an honest chance to win.

But please let me ask you a few simple questions:

  • Are you looking to go into the world of gambling in search for the real gold?
  • Do you want to play at a gambling site that has the best odds?
  • Do you want to know which gambling sites that delivers your winnings straight to your pocket?
  • Are you looking to enjoy the largest selection of games that offer you the best chances of winning?

Good, you have found the right place. Those are exactly the things out betting lab is working around the clock to find.

Here are 3 important things you will find out more about by digging into our gambling guide:

  1. Increase your possible winnings at HIGH ODDS: gamble at the gambling sites that offer the highest odds in order to maximise your winnings. Good odds is a prerequisite for being able to win in the long-term, this is not one of those things you can let go and that’s why we consider this to be a very important aspect when we are looking for news sites.
  2. Best selection of games for those who love gambling: Make sure you gamble at the Gambling Sites that offers the largest selection of betting, poker and casino games. The largest gambling sites obviously have the largest selection of games, since they have the resources to cover most of the markets, games and sports.
  3. The best bonuses for extra gambling money: If you are betting on sports, casino gambling, playing lotto or going all-in on a poker game, make sure you enjoy the best gambling bonuses available. Here you will be able to look into the juiciest and most stocked gambling bonuses that will fill up your hungry gambling account. We have the gambling sites with the best bonuses that are just waiting and longing for you.

Are you eager?


If you want to get started quickly, you can make a quick choice further down from the 10 Hottest Gambling Sites 2017

Otherwise we will introduce the complete list of gambling sites where you can gamble online for real money

Whatever you are looking for, here you can find A Gambling Site that fits you.


Free bet






Skattefria Vinster


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Free bet






Skattefria Vinster


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Skattefria Vinster


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Free bet






Skattefria Vinster


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Free bet

1000:- SEK





Skattefria Vinster


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3000:- SEK





Skattefria Vinster


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500:- SEK





Skattefria Vinster


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1200:- SEK





Skattefria Vinster


Min. Deposit

50:- SEK




1. BANKING – Popular banking alternatives with Gambling Sites

To deposit and withdraw money is usually very smooth and simple with most of the gambling sites online. You can do this in several different ways, the money will usually end up in your gambling account very quickly after you click on the button “make deposit”.

If you already have several account with different gambling sites, you have probably already noticed that all of them offer different alternatives for deposits. However, most of them approves of the most common banking alternatives like Visa, MasterCard and bank transfers.

But then the usually differentiate. One of the reasons for this is that a gambling site has a big market share in one country, while another gambling site is bigger in another country. The traditions for how you pay online are different in these different countries.

Here you will find a quick guide for the best methods for deposits and withdrawals that you can use.

Deposit money with one of the following alternatives:
VISA, MasterCard, Moneybookers, Neteller, click2pay, PayPal, Instadebit, Ukash, Paysafecard, EntroPay, bank transfer, Bitcoin.
Minimum: The smallest deposit usually starts at $5 and upwards, but it varies between the different operators.
Maximum: It varies; there is usually a daily limit for how much you are allowed to deposit.

E-wallets are very popular among gamblers; it’s very smooth to transfer money from one gambling site to another. The speed is of course the big advantage, but the fees are the big disadvantage. If you want to transfer money from your e-wallets to your bank account, the e-wallet or the company will to a bank transfer. This will take about 1-5 business days to complete.


This e-wallet has been popular since people started gambling online. Its fast and simple to transfer money between gambling sites, but they do charge you for it. But if you are looking for a fast transfer, Neteller is the way to go. The drawback with Neteller is that your account is easily blocked and you would have to contact them and send the various documents to sort it out. Neteller is however a serious player that has been around for a long time.


Skrill works like Neteller and is as fast. Skrill, formerly known as moneybookers, is a very good option if you are looking to transfer money from one site to another. The fees are low as long as you don’t have to convert the money to other currencies. That could end up to be a bit too expensive.

Most people know about PayPal. They are however not that commonly accepted with gambling sites, but works in the same way as Skrill and Neteller.  PayPal has rather low limits for how much money you are allowed to turn over, send or receive. You can however raise these limits buy using certain identification processes.

Bitcoin is not one of the most popular or usual methods used for deposits with the gambling sites. Bitcoin is a very good choice if you want to do a fast and anonymous payment. Which you usually want to do when it comes to deposits at a gambling site. Another advantage with Bitcoin is the very low fees.

Deposits with cards
You can obviously use your credit or debit card to do an instant deposit at a gambling site. It is fast, simple and usually without any extra cost. Using a credit or debit card is one of the best alternatives for deposits at a gambling site.

  • Visa Credit & Debit
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Maestro

Remember that you can’t use your MasterCard for withdrawals.

Bank transfers
Bank transfers are clearly not the fastest way in the world to transfer money from one country to another. It usually takes between 2-5 business days if you use this alternative in order to transfer money to your gambling account. But, it is, however a very safe way to transfer money, compared to a debit card where there´s actually a small risk that your card information get snagged by a third party.

  • No fees and very safe
  • The disadvantage is that it takes a long time
  • Withdrawals usually takes 1-5 business days


Paysafecard is a perfect option if you want to pay with a card, but don’t want to use your card and your information. Maybe you are worried someone might try to steal your information in the process.

With a Paysafecard you completely avoid that risk. You can buy a Paysafecard at a retailer, you will get a card number that you then use at the gambling site in order to deposit money. A good alternative for the person that has a lot of cash on pocket, wanting to transfer these to their gambling account.

Can be bought at: Seven eleven, Pressbyrån.

How do I withdraw money/winnings from a gambling site?
It depends on how you deposited your money. As a rule of thumb, you can withdraw your money the same way you deposited them. If you, for an example deposit your money with a Visa card, that’s where your withdrawals will end up. But, if you made a bank transfer, the gambling site will use a bank transfer to transfer the money to your account.

To be clear, if you use a Visa card to deposit money, you cannot use Skrill or Neteller to withdraw your money. You would have to have made a deposit with these before using them for withdrawals.

How long does a withdrawal take?

You can expect that a withdrawal from a betting company will take about 1-5 business days. Sometimes it will go faster, which will usually happen when the betting company has a bank account in the same country or at the same bank as you.

Trustly – Direct payment
Is frequently used by Swedish clients, it´s direct bank transfers. This is a very smooth way to use when you wish to withdraw money. Trustly is ready to use with several Swedish banks.

  • Swedbank
  • Handelsbanken
  • Nordea
  • SEB
  • Danske Bank
  • Länsförsäkringar
  • Marginalen Bank
  • Sparbanken Syd
  • ICA Banken
  • Skandiabanken
  • Sparbanken Öresund

Minimum deposit: Normally you would have to deposit at least 10 euro, but it varies from one gaming site to another, some even allow smaller deposits while some demand a deposit that is larger than 10 euro.

Minimum withdrawal: There can also be a limit for the minimum withdrawal amount, it´s usually at about 20 euro.

Maximum withdrawal: Yes, there are also limits for how much you are allowed to withdraw from your account. This is, however easily solved by completing several consecutive withdrawals, if you happened to win big. (CONGRATULATIONS)

Fees: Deposits and withdrawals are usually never subject to fees from the online gambling sites. But, some costs might be charged if you do several withdrawals in a short amount of time.

2. SELECTION – The Games at the Gambling Sites

Online gambling sites offer several types of games, most bookmakers also offers casino and bingo games. Even poker with multiple versions. Online gambling sites try to offer as wide selection as possible, since the players interest varies. One knows that the step a poker player has to take to go from poker to casino games is not that far.

Let’s take a quick look at what you can play on:

Casino: Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Live Casino
Poker: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Draw poker
Bingo: Classic bingo, Pattern bingo, other bingo versions
Horses: Trotting, horse racing
Jackpots: Slots

This is where we dig more into your playable options:


The vast number of casino games on the market is more than enough, even for the biggest lover of casino games. New casino games are constantly being released and the development is going very fast. This is also where you are able to win the big amounts of money from a very small bet. An example of big winnings is if you play on a progressive jackpot and if you hit the jackpot. In that case a small bet of one cent can turn into millions.


This is where you will find the largest selection of different games. New slots always pop-up in new shapes, it could be a new TV-show or a new theme being developed by the software companies. Slots are very popular on the gambling sites online, if you love quick action, this is where you should be.

  • Enormous selection of slots
  • Jackpot games for those who look to win big
  • A lot of famous characters have been turned into slots
  • Available at both low and high stakes

Video poker

These are similar to the above mentioned slot machines, but these are about poker, and you have to try to get as many good poker hands as possible. It´s a game that used to be popular at smaller pubs and restaurants back in the day. Which they still are, but since internet arrived many people moved their gambling online.

Table games
Roulette and Blackjack are two classics that can be found in almost every casino in the world. Something that strikes you when you visit a casino is that Chinese people seem to absolutely love roulette. They gather around the roulette tables to bet big amounts. Blackjack is a classic that refuses to die, its frequently played at restaurants and pubs in Sweden.

Poker is a popular card game all over the world, and now it´s possible to play it with other players from the rest of the world. It´s all very easily done by just pressing a few buttons. There are several TV-shows where the best players are mixed with amateurs and where the winnings surpass what you could ever spend during your lifetime.  This has obviously contributed to the popularity of the game.

Texas hold ´em
This is without a doubt the most popular and mostly played version of poker online. Every gambling site that offers poker also offer Texas hold ´em. In short, Texas hold ´em works in the way that every player gets 2 blinds, 5 cards are displayed open on the table and everyone are allowed to use them. From these 7 cards you need to form the best possible 5 card combination.

Omaha works in the same way as Texas hold ´em. The big difference is that instead of getting 2 cards, you get 4 cards. The table will still show 5 open cards, just like in Texas hold ´em. Omaha is available at many poker sites but not even close to being as popular as Texas hold ´em.


You might think of old ladies sitting in a group drinking coffee when you think of bingo games. This is not the full truth, when you play bingo online you will find all kinds of people. Even if bingo is close to being as popular as its relatives poker and casino games, there is always an even flow of players playing bingo online.


Are you looking to play games where you can win more money than you would be able to spend during 10 lifetimes? Lotto is the name of the game and its building huge pots that one single player has the possibility to win. You can play lotto games from all over the world. As such, you can easily play on the online lotto where the possible winnings are the biggest. Even if you don’t like games that are based on luck, you should make an exception for lotto. It´s possible to win amounts that would make you richer than some sovereign nations.


Virtual games

Do you like to bet on football, but can’t stand to wait 90 minutes for the game to finish? Then virtual sports might be something for you?  You will watch simulated sports where the games are over in a minute or so. Another great advantage with virtual sports is that you are able to watch and bet on them 24/7. Virtual sports results are not predetermined, they are decided by advanced algorithms that randomly gives the result of the game.

Virtual sports you can bet on:

  • Greyhound
  • Football
  • Horses
  • Tennis
  • Speedway


3. TAXES – Tax on winnings at Gambling Sites

There are times when you have to pay taxes on your winnings; it depends on where the company is registered. We have made it easy for you, you can find the answer as to if you have to pay taxes on your winnings or not in our tables next to each Gambling Site. Authorities obviously want to have their piece of the pie, and they won’t be happy if you keep your money away from them. We won’t go any deeper into what happens if you don’t account for your winnings in your tax return, but in short, two things can happen to you. You could either be forced to pay a fine, or you will be sentenced to prison for tax evasion.

Let us show you a few simple rules concerning taxes on your winnings.

  • Play at Gambling Sites from within the EU
  • The taxes on winnings from these gambling sites is 0 %
  • You have to pay taxes outside of the EU


There are a few cases where poker players have gotten into big problems when they haven’t accounted for their winnings with the tax agency.

But it is actually quite misleading with tax-free winnings. If we use Sweden as an example, the Swedish government takes a large percentage of the turnover of a certain game as a tax. This makes your odds lower, since, after the government has had their fingers in the jar, there is not much left to pay out in winnings. This is actually rather bad for the possible winnings in the long term for a professional player.


These are a few examples of taxes that the Swedish government takes from the Swedish players.

Trotting – Tax deduction
V75 – 12,25%
V4 – 12,25%
V65 – 12,25%
Winner & Place – 7%

Betting – Tax deduction
Stryktipset – 35%
Måltipset – 54%

Absurdly high for certain? We let each person decide for himself. But these deductions reduce the possibilities for players who use their skills to win in the long term. If you are looking to start a career as a professional gambler, you should know that this is one of the reasons why it´s difficult to win in the long term. That’s why you should stick to games that can offer the highest possible return.

Great Britain

This is a closer look into how it works in Great Britain, which is a rather open market that is welcoming to new gambling sites, it is however heavily regulated with very clear rules for what gambling sites are allowed to and not allowed to do.

Odds and totalisator games – 15% flat rate removed from the turnover of the game.

4. LIVE STREAMING – Watch & Bet

Several gambling sites offer live games, after you have registered with the site, through their live streaming services. You can place bets and then watch the games live. This is something that has been very popular with the users. Live streaming isn’t for everyone, it’s for the registered members and those who has placed a bet. In order to gain access to a live stream you normally would have to place a bet on the specific game or match. Make sure you get access to the best live streaming online.

Live streaming gives new possibilities to the players

As with any profession, practice makes perfect. If you want to become good and betting or if you are dreaming of making a living from betting, you have to gamble and watch plenty of games.

The quality of the broadcast is very high and you can expect the same quality as if you would see the game on your TV. You are able to downgrade the quality if you have a slow internet connection, in order to stream without interruptions.

Stream some of the following:
Football: La Liga, Brazilian, Serie A
Tennis: Wimbledon, Australian Open
Basketball: NBA

Good gambling sites with very high quality of their live streaming services.

Bet365 – Broadcasts more games and events to their members than anyone else.
Unibet – Unibet is in the absolute top when it comes to live streaming.
Nordicbet – Streams many different sports.
Betfred – Streams horse races etc.

5. MARKETS – Is your favourite available?

What is your strength when it comes to betting? Are you good at spotting who will score the next goal in an ongoing game? If that is the case, you should bet on the market for next goal scorer. Or is your skill to, in peace and quiet before the match begins, assess that both of the teams will score at least one goal each? In this case you should bet on the market, both teams to score.

There are several markets to choose from, some bookmakers supply weirder bets, like if a player will get bitten during the game. That actually happened during the World Cup 2014. The best bit about it was that one gambler had actually placed that bet and he could collect at hefty winning from the gambling site Betsafe.

When it comes to markets, you should go for what fits you best, what you know, can be a big difference between you and your friend. Make sure to make the correct decision.

Here is a short summary of what you can place bets on at the best gambling sites.

  • Over 40 sports to place bets on
  • Over 300 markets for an individual game
  • Live betting on most of the sports on offer at the gambling sites


Popular markets
Over&under, Correct score, Corners, Yellow and Red cards, Next goal scorer, Total goals, Total team goals, Both teams to score, First team to score, Double chance, 3-way handicap, Half-time/Full-time, Profit margin, Asian handicap, To win and clean sheet, Last team to score, Odd/Even, Win a half, Score on penalty, Over&Under 0,5, 1,5, 2,5, 3,5, 4,5, Half-time with most goals.

Let’s take a closer look, very briefly on some of the best and most popular markets that are attracting most bets.

  1. Svenskaspel

The obvious choices in Swedish betting are for sure, to name a few, stryktipset, topptipset, Oddset Powerplay, Måltipset, Matchen and lången. These can only be played at Svenskaspel, but you can find similar versions at other gambling sites online.

Other versions at
Unibet: Superscore, Supertoto

2. Swedish Trotting – V75

As a Swedish person it’s impossible to avoid Swedish trotting, and the most popular market is V75, that has the highest turnover week after week. V75 is played on Saturdays and sometimes on other days as well. V75 is usually open on public holidays, on Sundays they call it GS75, Grand Slam 75.

  1. Winner

This market is a classic and it´s so easy, you only have to find a winner in a game/race, or place a bet on a draw, that is no winner. This market is available for most sports where two teams are playing each other.

  1. Next goal scorer

Do you think your favourite player will score the next goal? Well, then this market is right up your alley. A lot of people bet on this market since you are eager to bet on your favourite player.

  1. Correct score
    How will the game end? 1-1? 2-2? To bet on how a game will end has almost always been a popular market to bet on.
  2. Both teams to score

If you think that a game will end up with both of the teams scoring at least one goal, you should use this market. It´s very popular with gamblers.

  1. Long-term bets

Who will win the Premier League? Do you have a lot of knowledge about the teams even before the league has started? Then long-term bets are something for you. Most gambling sites offer long-term for the major leagues, and it doesn’t stop with who will win the league. Another popular long-term bet is who will score most goals. During the World Cup, winner of the World Cup and group winners are very popular.

  1. Live betting

What´s more fun than to bet money on an ongoing game? With live betting you can turn a corner in the game to a winning bet, and then get even more money when Ronaldo gets his second yellow card and gets sent off. Live betting is without a doubt extremely popular among gamblers. To sit and bet with your phone on your local bar, watching a game, has made the sports even more interesting.

6. THE SPORTS – Something for everyone

The number of sports to bet on is very big at the gambling sites, but most bets are placed on football, ice hockey and tennis. You can be certain you will be able to bet on your favourite sports at a gambling site. They obviously offer the best sports, anything else would be unwise. Except being able to bet in the biggest and best sports at the gambling sites, you are also able to bet on the smaller and less known sports. Since the competition is so big, the companies are fighting to offer games no one else is offering. That’s why you will find bets on so many sports and events.

Here you will be able to read about what sports you can find online, ready to bet on, just waiting for you.


Football is like most people know, the most popular sport in the world that is being played all over the world. Every gambling site you will visit has the highest number of bets on this sport. It also entails that this is where the gambling sites excels at putting the most correct odds. A good rule of thumb should be; the bigger and more well-known the team is, you should avoid placing a bet. Look in the lower divisions of football where the odds are considerably better and more often incorrect.

Bet in the lower divisions


Ice hockey is of course one of the hottest sports in the Nordic countries during the winter. You will find plenty of markets on the big leagues like NHL, KHL, Finish league and the Swedish Hockey League.

Motor sports

Formula 1 is without a doubt the most expensive sport in the world and the same applies when it comes to betting on this sport. Two other, but not as popular are Nascar and Supercars.  In betting on Formula 1 you can bet on who will win the race, what team will win the race and many more. A few of the popular teams you can bet on are Ferrari, Honda, Renault and Mercedes. With speeds up to 380 kilometres per hour, Formula 1 is one of the fastest and most action packed sports to bet on.

Join us and place a bet on Formula 1 on one of these prestigious races:

Australia (Melbourne), China (Shanghai), Bahrain (Bahrain), Russia (Sochi), Spain (Barcelona), Monaco (Monte Carlo), Canada (Montreal), Azerbaijan (Baku), Austria (Spielberg), United Kingdom (Silverstone) , Hungary (Budapest), Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps), Italy (Monza), Singapore (Singapore), Malaysia (Sepang), Japan (Suzuka), USA (Austin), Mexico (Mexico City), Brazil (Sao Paulo) Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi)


The sport was invented in 1873 by the British major Walter Clopton Wingfield. The sport gained popularity and spread over the world. When the internet arrived, betting on tennis exploded and today almost every gambling site offers betting on tennis. You can bet on every bigger tennis competition as the US open and French Open.

  • Who will win the next set?
  • Who will win the match?
  • How many sets will be played?

Tennis offers several wonderful opportunities for betting, and those who offer betting on tennis at the best odds usually have several markets you can bet on. The best gambling sites are offering up to 40 different markets on a single match.

Most people that are not interested in horses probably have no clue about how popular it is among gamblers. Horse racing can be found from all over the world, and it’s easy to bet on a horse race taking place far away from your continent. If we go back in history, horse racing became an individual sport 680 b.kr. during the Olympic Games in Greece. It is also a very social sport that makes people come to the race tracks all over the world.


Trotting is very popular in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Finland. All these countries have several race tracks that you can visit to bet on the races. Two super nations in trotting are Sweden and France, 2 countries that also offer the biggest and best races in the world, which are Prix de Amerique and Elitloppet. The United States is also a mega nation with their mega race, Hambletonian. The United States is also a bit better than the others when it comes to the winnings.


Bet: Winner, Head To Head, Place, Long-term game on who will win the next big race.

Countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Malta and France.

Popular races: Elitloppet, Hambletonian, Prix de Amerique.

Other very popular sport to bet on at THE BEST GAMBLING SITES:



Gallop can also be found in most of the Nordic countries, but it’s not as interesting for people in the Nordic countries. Gallop is very big in the United States, Great Britain and Australia. Another country that hosts the most prestigious race, Dubai World Cup is United Arab Emirates. Even if they arrange this prestigious race with enormous winnings to the winner, betting is illegal in the Emirate. However, this only applies if you are in the country. Several gambling sites offer bets on this race for people in other countries.


More sports
American Football, Basketball, Badminton, Boxing, Bandy, Chess, Cycling, Darts, E-Sport, Floorball, Futsal, Golf, Greyhound, Baseball, Cricket, Handball, Volleyball, Rugby League, Surfing, UFC / MMA, WWE Wrestling


7. Good to know


  1. Cash Out

It’s popular and useful when you want to cash out before the game is over. Most gambling sites are offering cash out and it makes it easy for you to jump in and out of a game. It is difficult to say what gambling site is best at cash out, there are several very good ones.



More and more are offering their clients deep statistics ahead of every game. It makes it easy for you to check the results of the teams previous encounters, current form and much more, at the same place as you place your bets. This is obviously to your advantage since the gambling sites used to keep as much information as possible to themselves.

  1. ABOUT PLACING A BET – High roller and limits

Are you looking for a gambling site where you can place higher bets? If you wish to bet larger amounts, you could end up being unsuccessful at many places. Not all of them allow big bets. Most sites prefer those who place smaller or normal amounts. As a high roller, make sure to pick the right place if you want to place bigger amounts.



8. BONUSES – Gambling Sites & Campaigns

Almost every gambling site will offer you a bonus for your first deposit. Then there are regular bonuses and special campaigns that goes on during certain periods of time. Just because it says “register for 100 Free EURO” it doesn’t mean you will get it in your account when you register. Be aware of that the bonus usually has to meet certain wagering requirements before you get it. As an example, if we have a bonus of 100 Euro, the requirement could be that you have to have a gambling turnover of 700 Euro. Everyone has different wagering requirements. To enjoy the best gambling bonuses is obviously something that always should be done. But as stated before, be aware and read the terms.

  • Increase your balance in a smart way
  • Enjoy the highest bonuses with the best terms
  • Use campaigns on the big events and games
  • Learn about all the gambling bonuses you should use


BONUS 1 – Deposit bonus / Welcome Bonus

Your first deposit at a gambling site is usually rewarded with what one would call a welcome bonus. This bonus is only given once per client and varies between 50 Euro up to 5 000 Euro. The best deposit bonuses are easy to get and comes with very clear rules. Make sure you read the terms for all welcome bonuses you are offered.

BONUS 2 – Mobile Bonuses

There are also gambling sites offering special bonuses if you download their mobile apps and make a deposit. The gambling sites obviously want you to have access to their service wherever you are. What’s more suitable than downloading their app? Which is easiest done by offering a carrot, in this case a special mobile bonus. Many people fail to use the best mobile bonus thus losing a lot of free money from these good mobile bonuses.

BONUS 3 – Free spins

These gambling bonuses that we call free spins can be found in the gambling sites casino section. This bonus is usually given on top of the usual deposit bonus. The word free spins can be a bit misleading since you usually have to deposit money to get these free spins. Make sure to keep yourself up to date about where you can get the best free spins bonuses online. A client that already has an account usually receives free spins to their account. Obviously since the gambling sites wants you to come back.

BONUS 4 – Campaigns
There are events and games popping up all over the world that attracts a lot of attention. The online gambling sites make use of this and create campaigns around them. You should look for these and use them. Some campaigns can be real gold mines. These campaigns are usually being sent on email to already registered clients, that is why it is good to be registered with several gambling sites to get access to several campaigns.

  • Big games usually triggers campaigns at gambling sites
  • The gambling sites market their campaigns via email
  • Distribution of large amounts during a limited amount of time, for an example a pot on a slot being distributed to gamblers

BONUS 5 – No deposit bonus

This bonus is actually not that common any longer, it was a lot more common in the early times of internet. You get money to gamble with, without having to make a real money deposit. It is more common that a gambling site gives an extra bonus to their current clients without asking them to deposit more money. Us, the players certainly like this, and you should take advantage of it.

BONUS 6 – Risk free bet

Risk free bet certainly is interesting and works exactly the way it sounds like. You get a 100 % insurance from the gambling company. You bet on a team to win, if the team loses, you get your money back. These are usually only available up to a certain amount; a normal amount could be 50 Euro. Even the risk free bets has limits as to how much you can get back in case you lose. Good risk free bets online comes with clear rules.

Wagering requirements on a bonus

In order to explain wagering requirements in short, it is there to make sure bonuses are not being taken advantage of. If you bet 20 Euro and get 20 Euro, the requirement could be that you have to wager or bet 100 Euro before you can withdraw it. Make sure you check the terms at every gambling site.


10. APPS – Mobile & Betting Apps

Are you on your way to the pub to watch the big game, and feeling tempted to place a bet on this on-going game? Take it easy, you can bet from your mobile wherever you are. The only thing you need is an internet connection and a click with your finger. There are numerous apps for both betting, casino and poker games. Betting apps makes it easier for you to bet from wherever you are. Betting from your mobile offers you the possibility to bet on every sport and market.


You can use all of the following devices to download the best mobile betting apps from the gambling sites.

  • iPhone Betting from an iPhone is easiest done by downloading the app. It is incredibly popular to bet from an iPhone and it can be downloaded from most of the bigger gambling sites.
  • Android It works perfect to place a bet directly from an Android phone. Download the app now and you can get going in no time at all.
  • iPad Do you want to bet from your iPad? No problem, either you visit the web version of the gambling site or you download the app to your iPad in order to start betting.
  • Blackberry It is perfectly possible to download a betting app and place a bet from wherever you are. The best betting apps for Blackberry can be found at the bigger gambling sites.
  • Samsung A Samsung phone makes it easy to bet online. With your Samsung mobile, you can look forward to a nice betting experience.


Mobile Betting apps
If you want to bet, it is very easy to download a mobile betting app. It is very easy to register, you only have to login to your current account via the betting app or register a new account. The best betting apps will let you bet on the same sports you can find on the web version; the selection on the mobile betting app is as big as if you would bet from a computer on the webpage. Downloading a betting app makes the betting experience considerably smoother.

Casino Apps

If you are looking to plat casino games on your mobile, you can download a casino app in order to play casino games from wherever you are. The best casino apps include a large amount of casino games that you can enjoy. You can play on slots, video poker, black jack, roulette and many more cool casino games directly in your downloadable casino app.

Poker Apps
Do you have a boring bus trip ahead of you or are you a poker plays looking to play poker no matter where you are? We recommend that you download a poker app in order to make it simpler for you to play. The best poker apps are of very high quality and attract players from all over the world. You can play both cash games and poker tournaments with the best poker apps being offered from gambling sites.


11. EVENTS – The Gambling Sites are keeping up

The world is full of big event. The FIFA World Cup takes place every 4 years. The Olympic Games takes place every 4 years. You can be sure you will be able to bet on the biggest and best events from all over the world. Since these events are getting closer in time, the gambling sites are planning how to offer the best and most interesting bets for every gambler out there in the world. These big events also attract gamblers that usually don’t bet.

FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup is certainly one of the biggest and most popular events and the gambling sites are obviously offering an extra big selection of bets when this event starts every 4 years. You can bet on:

  • FIFA World Cup winner
  • Group winners
  • Top scorer

and many many more…

During the FIFA World Cup the turnover in bets reaches new limits at the gambling sites and the possibilities to win money during the FIFA World Cup is bigger than ever.

FIFA World Cup Qualifications

Ahead of the FIFA World Cup, there are several qualification games being played all over the world. These games can be viewed on TV and the possibilities to bet on these games are big. And it is during this time of qualification games that you prepare yourself ahead of the actual FIFA World Cup. If you follow it closely you will be one step ahead when it starts.

The Olympic Games

If you want to bet on the Olympic Games you should look online in order to place your bet. The Olympic Games is one of the largest events on the planet. People from all over the world are gathering to settle the score in this prestigious competition. You can bet on almost everything during the Olympics. Maybe on the 100 meters final? The marathon that is usual won by Ethiopians or Kenyans? We can guarantee that the summer Olympics holds very high quality in terms of the odds.

Popular sports during the Olympic Games: Track and Field, Wrestling, Swimming, Soccer, Horse Racing, Tennis, Ping Pong, Cycling, Basketball, Handball, Water Polo.

Ice Hockey World Championships

The Ice Hockey World Championships in being played every year in April / May. Even if ice hockey is big, this is probably one of the most miserable world cups, compared to how many people normally watch hockey. The world cup is usually pretty empty. The playoffs attract a bigger audience. But that doesn’t mean betting on the Ice Hockey World Championships is low, to the opposite this championship has a high turnover and the gambling sites offer a lot of different bets.

Champions League

Champions League is an event that attracts plenty of gamblers that are happy to bet a bit extra on their favourite team. Betting on Champions League that involves large amounts and the best gambling sites obviously bet big on this tournament.

Eurovision Song Contest

Are you one of the people who sit in front of Eurovision song contest every year? Did you know you can bet on Eurovision song contest? This music competition attracts viewers from all over the world and gives everyone an opportunity to bet on their favourite singer.


12. LICENSES – Legal Gambling Sites

The internet is one big global system that no one owns. But governments will always be governments and will of course insert themselves in the system; they see money that they want to get their hands on. Governments like monopolies since that means they get total control and get to keep all of the profit, but the internet complicated things for the monopolies. The governments where completely caught off guard by the internet and online gambling.

IP blocking is getting more common when states don’t like that certain webpages are put in front of their people. Gambling Sites also use IP blocking to make sure that gamblers from certain countries can’t access their sites.

This can create a problem for you if you are abroad. Let us say you are visiting Dubai and you want to login to your bet365 account, this will be impossible since the United Arab Emirates has blocked bet365. You can fix it by using a VPN-tunnel. It will make it look as if you are accessing the gambling site from a different country. You can do this I you already are a client of the company and you want to play even though you are abroad. This shouldn’t be done by other people who are living in countries where gambling is illegal.

13. AROUND THE WORLD – Gambling Sites in the world

The amount of gambling sites around the world is enormous and constantly growing. But they are based in several different locations; some places are more attracting than others. The reason is obviously licenses being issued by certain states; the other important factor is taxing. Malta and Gibraltar are two locations where both Swedish and English gambling sites are based from.

Swedish Gambling Sites

There are a couple companies that are presenting online gambling that could be described as Swedish gambling sites. The larger ones are Betsson, Nordicbet and Unibet. These where founded by Swedish entrepreneurs, but haven’t been built in Sweden since it wasn’t allowed when they started their operations. The Swedish government has had a monopoly on gambling and offered their games through their company Svenskaspel. Instead these (Swedish Gambling Sites) has been forced to go abroad to offer their services to the Swedish people. Betsson was a forerunner in Sweden when they opened a shop on Södermalm in Stockholm, they were, however forced to shut it down.

English Gambling Sites

The largest English gambling sites are without a doubt Bet365, Ladbrokes, WilliamHill and Betfred. There are plenty of betting shops in England and the UK, just go inside and place your bet. That is however not the case in most parts of Europe. Many places have very few gambling sites and the ones that exist are owned by the government. The English gambling sites have a long experience since the market has been active for such a long time.

Illegal Gambling Sites

What is an illegal gambling site? You can say that an illegal gambling site operates without a license. If you are gambling at such a company you are risking getting into trouble if they refuse to pay out your winnings. They are not subjected to any rules and can be difficult to deal with if any problem arises.


14. THE FUTURE – New and Old Gambling Sites

They weren’t that many in the beginning, but things went fast and suddenly they were everywhere. We are obviously talking about new gambling sites, and new ones keep turning up. There are several gambling sites that aren’t up to standard and they disappear rather fast. Others are bought by the larger companies and ends up in the hands of the betting giants. The advantage with the larger gambling sites is that they, thanks to their size, are more dependable and the risk that you will get into trouble is very small. It´s more difficult with a new gambling site since they have a very short history. A good tip is to keep yourself up to date here, if we get reports that a gambling site is acting dodgy, we will make sure to remove it from our gambling guide.

Here´s a list of the latest gambling sites





14. VIP PROGRAM – Some Extra Luxury

Do you have a bonus card that you use when shopping for food at your local grocery store? Do you use a bonus card that registers points when you are flying? You can do the same thing when gambling or betting online. There is a lot to gain from it, and you should not let this pass by. Sign up for a VIP or loyalty program to maximize your benefits at one of the best online gambling sites.

Poker: There are lots of poker sites that offer their clients VIP programs where you get points on all the pots that you participate in. VIP programs at poker sites have been around for a long time and have helped many poker players to get the most out of their gambling.

Casino: For every spin you make on a slot machine, it will cost you money. The question you should ask yourself is why you wouldn’t like to get something back on every spin you make? Without risk. Yes, it works just like that. If you register for a Casino VIP program, you will earn points for each bet or spin you make. These can then be changed to free spins or you can choose from a lot of interesting products selected by the gambling sites.

Betting: VIP programs are not as common in betting as in poker or casino games. But the principle is the same. When you add bets to different games, you will get points. The amount of points you get will vary depending on which gambling site you play at. For example, in some places, you will earn more points the higher odds you bet at. A game with odds 3.50 will give you more VIP points than a game of 1.50.

A VIP program or a loyalty program is something every serious gambler should look into. You have a lot to win and little to lose.


15. SUPPORT – Problems?

Are you experiencing problems with a gambling site? It can happen in any area. A problem arises and you have no idea about what to do. Every serious company that offers gambling online obviously offer a support service that will be able to help you in case any problem arises.

These are the 3 most common problems.

ID: The gambling sites are required by law to know the identity of all of their clients. And can, and will eventually ask you to submit your ID to ensure this. As said before, this is normal and nothing you need to worry about.

Blocked account: Your account may be blocked for various reasons; one could be a suspicion that someone has hacked your account. Or have you opened an account though you already had one. This can cause problems and you should contact the support as soon as possible to hear how you can solve it.

No Bonus: You might have expected a bonus on your deposit but did not receive any. This may be due to an error of the gambling site or you haven´t met the requirements to get it. A common mistake is that players do not actually read the requirements thorough enough and think that they have been tricked on the bonus even if they haven’t.